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ODA Issue in the
2003 Ontario Provincial Election

Parties' Election Platforms on ODA - Ontario Election 2003

Oct. 2, 2003: An Important New Chapter Begins On The Road To A Barrier-Free Ontario - Ontario Elects A New Government Which Has Promised A Strong, Effective And Enforceable Ontarians With Disabilities Act Within One Year

Oct. 1, 2003: Final Barrage of ODA Media Coverage Right Before Tomorrow's Election

Oct. 1, 2003: Vital That You Vote Tomorrow, October 2 - Don't Let The Media Lull You Into Thinking The Election Outcome Is Already Decided

Sept. 30, 2003: Conservative Government Openly Refuses To Make Public Its Ministries' Accessibility Plans On This, Its Self-Imposed September 30, 2003 Deadline - ODA Committee Issues News Release Highlighting Government's Disregard Of Its Own Legislation

Sept. 30, 2003: ODA Committee Asks Citizenship Minister To Provide All Ministry Accessibility Plans, Which ODA 2001 Requires the Ontario Government To Make Public Today

Sept. 28, 2003: Media Coverage Of Election Disability Issues Continues

Sept. 25, 2003: ODA Gets Yet More Media Coverage As Election Campaign Enters Final Stretch

Sept. 23, 2003: More All-Candidates' Debates In The Greater Toronto Area

Sept. 23, 2003: Toronto Star Publishes Column On Election Disabilities Issues - ODA and ODSP Coalitions Team Up To Get Their Issues To Voters

Sept. 22, 2003: Elections Ontario Announces New Hotline For Voters With Disabilities Who Encounter Barriers In The Voting Process - ODA Committee Scores A Victory In Our Campaign For A Barrier-Free Election

Sept. 19, 2003: Voters With Disabilities Urged To Vote At Advance Polls September 20 To 26, To Avoid Risk Of Barriers On Election Day

Sept. 19, 2003: Urge The Media Today To Ask The Three Party Leaders A Question On Disability Election Issues During Next Tuesday's Leaders' Debate

Sept. 19, 2003: All Eyes on London as Swing Region in Ontario Election -- Voters with Disabilities Can Swing the Election Friday

Sept. 18, 2003: Download And Listen To ODA Committee's 2.5 Hour Presentation At The September 11, 2003 Sault Ste. Marie Conference On Implementing The ODA

Sept. 18, 2003: List of All-Candidates' Debates in Greater Toronto Area (416 and some 905 Ridings): Please Attend These And Raise Disability Issues Including The Need To Strengthen The Tories' Weak Unenforceable ODA

September 18, 2003
New additions to the site today include:

ODA Committee chair, David Lepofsky's Speech on Sept. 11, 2003 at the Conference on Implementing the ODA 2001 hosted by the Sault Ste. Marie Accessibility Advisory Committee and the City of Sault Ste. Marie
Download the audio file
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September 10, 2003

ODA Committee Update dd September 10, 2003 - Download Our New ODA Election Mini-Poster And Put It Up In Public For Voters To See

September 2, 2003


August 30, 2003

ODA Committee Update dd August 29, 2003 -
ODA Committee Again Seeks Volunteers To Help During Upcoming Ontario Election

August 27 , 2003

ODA Committee Update dd August 27, 2003 - ODA Committee Presses Ahead With Its Call For A Barrier-Free Provincial Election

June 30 , 2003

ODA Committee Update dd June 22, 2003 - Conservative Party's 2003 Election Platform Makes No Commitment To Strengthen The Ontarians With Disabilities Act

May 27 , 2003

ODA Committee Update dd May 27, 2003 -
Toronto Star Column on the ODA Issue in the Upcoming Ontario Election

May 24 , 2003

ODA Committee Update dd May 24, 2003 - Another Important Anniversary on the Road to a Strong, Effective ODA as we await an Ontario Election Call


April 22 , 2003

ODA Committee Update dd April 22, 2003 - Only Eight More Days For You To Email Premier Eves To Commit In Throne Speech To Strengthen The ODA

April 15 , 2003

Letter to Citizenship Minister DeFaria from ODA Committee dd April 3, 2003

Letter to Premier Ernie Eves from ODA Committee dd April 11, 2003

ODA Committee Update dd March 27, 2003 - ODA Committee Kicks Off Its Campaign For A Barrier-Free Provincial Election

ODA Committee Action Tip dd April 11, 2003 - Join Our Throne Speech Campaign - Urge Premier Eves To Include In His April 30, 2003 Throne Speech A Commitment To Strengthen The Ontarians With Disabilities Act 2001

ODA Committee Update dd April 11, 2003 - ODA Committee Writes Premier Eves To Urge That Upcoming Throne Speech Include Commitments To Amend Ontarians With Disabilities Act 2001 To Make It Strong And Effective

April 13 , 2003

ODA Committee Update dd Apr. 8, 2003: Ontario Liberal Party Unveils 2003 Election Pledge to Enact Strong Effective ODA

ODA Committee Press Release dd April 8, 2003: Ontario Liberal Election Promise Unveiled Today Pledges To Enact New, Strong Ontarians With Disabilities Act

Mar. 29, 2003

ODA Committee Update dd Mar 28, 2003: ODA Commitee Calls On Three Party Leaders
To Ensure a Barrier-Free Election Campaign


Mar. 26, 2003

ODA Committee Update dd Mar 25, 2003: ODA Committee Seeks Volunteers To Help During
Upcoming Ontario Election


Mar. 21, 2003

ODA Committee Update dd Mar 20, 2003: ODA Committee Seeks Your Input On Barriers In The Election Process Facing Voters With Disabilities


Mar. 1, 2003

NDP's 2003 election campaign pledge on the ODA




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