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Tip of the Day
May 18, 1999

Today's tip is to encourage you to come up with specific actions to bring our message directly to voters with disabilities, to get them to turn out in big numbers to vote in this election. If every voter with a disability actually votes, we could have a huge impact on the outcome.

How might you do this in your community? Plan an outing over the next few days to a place where you might be able to meet up with a concentration of people with disabilities, such as group homes, accessible housing, assisted housing, seniors' residences, rehab hospitals, and the like. Bring along copies of our 1 page ODA factsheet handout, and our guide for voters with disabilities to give out. You can get these from following the preceding underlined links.

When you arrive, talk to people there either individually or in a group. You can tell them about

  • The importance of the ODA issue and the positions of the three parties. This is all set out in our ODA factsheet handout.

  • The importance of everyone fulfilling their democratic right to vote.

  • how to overcome the barriers to voting, as are discussed in our Guide to Voters with Disabilities e.g. by voting at advance polls, or using a proxy vote, etc.

  • If they need help getting to the polling station, or with voting, try to arrange needed assistance either on your own, or by contacting one of the campaign offices of one of the candidates in the riding.

  • Ask them about the barriers they face in their daily lives, and let us know about this so we can share this information with others.

Every voter counts in our campaign for a barrier-free Ontario.


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