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Tip of the Day
May 17, 1999

May 24 is a symbolic day for the ODA Committee. It is the very day four years ago that Mike Harris signed his 1995 election promise to enact the Ontarians with Disabilities Act in his first term. This is now the fourth anniversary of inaction on that election pledge. This year we can turn May 24 into a day of action in our campaign for a barrier-free Ontario.

Why not take some decisive action on this anniversary of inaction. One of our members sent us this great idea.

It just so happens that Monday, May 24 is a holiday, and is an Advance Poll Day in this election. We encourage you and as many friends, relatives and others to take time on Monday May 24 to go vote during this advance poll. Voting occurs on this day at your riding's Returning Office. If you are attending picnics or other events on Monday, take copies of our 1 page ODA factsheet handout along and talk to your friends about the issues.

In the past we have been able to bring more than 200 people to the Legislature to mark the anniversary of inaction. This year, let's show how many voters care about these issues and are determined to turn inaction into action.

Contact your local media and let them know about your efforts to get out the vote at the advance poll. Explain why this date is so symbolic for people with disabilities. Tell them that disability issues make a difference in how you, your friends and family will vote. Show that this Advanced Poll is just a taste of things to come.

If you need para transit, or know people who do, you might want to book your rides now.


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