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Tip of the Day
May 13, 1999

May 24, the week from next Monday, is a very important day in ODA history. It was four years ago, on May 24, 1995, that Tory candidate for premier, Mike Harris, made a solemn election pledge.   He wrote the ODA Committee on that fateful day that

"... a Harris government would be willing to enact an Ontario with Disabilities Act in the first term of office within the economic goalposts of The Common Sense Revolution."

We want to encourage people with disabilities, their friends, families and other supporters, and of course, their organizations, to comemorate the anniversary of this broken promise right across Ontario during the week commencing Monday, May 24. Your tip of the dday is to start right now to plan some sort of local action, event or other activity for some time during the week beginning Monday May 24 to bring this broken election promise to the attention of the voting public, and to share our message about the need for all to vote for a strong Ontarians with Disabilities Act in this election.

What can you do?

  • If you are part of a community organization, get your organization to plan some sort of community event or action to bring our message to the public in a positive and effective way.

  • If you are not part of an organization, either contact your nearest ODA Committee Regional Contact to come up with ideas and plans, or just get together with some friends and come up with some sort of strategy that you could do on your own.

    In the Windsor idea, a march is already planned for May 26 that folks in the Windsor area are encouraged to attend.

    Share your ideas and plans with me so I can pass them on to others. But don't just come up with ideas; Please get to work putting them into action.

There are things that are easy to organize quickly:

  • You can plan to do a leafletting blitz with our ODA Committee factsheet handout...

  • Invite people to your home for an election parlour meeting to discuss the ODA issue and the positions and records of the three parties.

  • You can look over all our tips of the day that we have circulated so far for other ideas.

The week beginning May 24 is the second last week of the election campaign. By then, many voters are starting to really make up their minds. By working together right across the province that week, we can have an especially strong impact. Our campaign for a barrier-free Ontario just keeps forging ahead!


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