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Tip of the Day
May 10, 1999

We must make sure that disability issues like the Ontarians with Disabilities Act are discussed in the media. There are three ways you can make this happen:

  1. Send e-mails and visit forums right now on key media web sites. Some web sites have forums you can contribute to right there.

    CITY TV is now asking for e-mails about what subjects you think they should raise in the leaders debate on May 18. The due date for suggested questions for the leaders' debate is very soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. Write for example to suggest that each leader be asked to comment on the Harris Government's record on removing barriers facing persons with disabilities, and what they will do if elected to achieve the goal of a barrier-free Ontario for the 1.5 million Ontarians who now have a disability, and for the rest of Ontarians who will likely get a disability sometime in their lives. Change the wording if you like, but focus the question on the Ontarians with Disabilities Act or other disability issues as you wish.

    Other main places to send your Emails to or to visit and contribute on line to are listed here. Write them now to raise this issue. Feel free to look for other sites to write and let us know what you are doing.

    URGENT -- LEADERS DEBATE QUESTIONS: Send e-mail to City TV at: pulse@citytv.com

    GENERAL ISSUES DISCUSSIONS: You can send questions to ask the three parties on an upcoming CBC Radio Show Ontario Today by sending an Email to: dstephens@ottawa.cbc.ca

    OTHER SITES AT CBC - There is a forum you can participate in on the CBC web site for Election 99. The website address is: www.ontario99.cbc.ca. The web site also has a list of e-mail addresses for all of their radio and television shows.

    CANOE (CNEWS) - Which is the main web site for the Toronto Sun, London Free Press, etc. has an elections Ontario page. The address is: http://www.canoe.ca/CNEWSOntarioElection/home.html. You can send them e-mail about their stories and your views on the election and vote in their poll.

  2. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about why it is important for people to ask candidates about their position on the ODA. Give personal examples of barriers you face.

    The more the media hear about these issues, the more likely they are to cover them and ask the candidates questions about their positions.

  3. Call into phone-in programs. For example, Toronto's CFRB has many election programs. Mike Harris is scheduled to be on that station this Thursday, May 13, starting at noon. Call 416-872- 1010. Every call counts.

    Please note a correction to our new 1-page election factsheet handout. The ODA Committee's new TTY number should readd: (416) 964-0023 ex. 343, to contact Susan Main. Ithas been amended on all versions of the downloadable files.


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