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Tip of the Day
May 8, 1999

This information updates the guide for Voters with Disabilities, sent out three weeks ago.

    If you do not get a Notice of Registration Card by May 25, 1999 you are probably not on the voters list. You can be added to the list at any time up to and including election day. You can also have someone else add you to the voters list. Call your Returning Office for more information.

    You can vote prior to the June 3 Election Day at advance polls at your Returning Office between 10:00am and 8:00pm on the following days: May 22nd, May 24th, May 25th, May 26th, May 27th and May 28th

    You can vote at area advance polls (a list is available on the Elections Ontario Web site or at your riding's Returning Office) between 10:00am and 8:00pm on May 26th, May 27th, May 28th

    Someone else can vote for you if you have filled out a proxy application form. There is a form available on the Elections Ontario web site in Adobe Format. Otherwise you can get one by calling the Returning Office.


  • Voting in your car:
    If you are unable to get into the polling place or cannot get out of your car to vote, the polling officials can bring the ballot box to a curb or parking area so you can vote in your car.

  • Transfer polling places
    You can apply to have it transferred or someone else can apply on your behalf. Contact your local Returning Officer for information.

  • Voters with visual impairments:
    A notched ballot system will be used. There is also a template available. The polling official will read the candidates names and affiliations but not mark the ballot. You can have a friend help you mark the ballot.

  • Voters with hearing impairments or who do not speak the language:
    You will be permitted to bring your own interpreter.

If you have questions, contact the Chief Elections Officer at:

Elections Ontario
51 Rolark Drive
Scarborough, Ontario M1R 3B1
Telephone number: (416) 326-6300
Toll Free: 1-800-677-8683
TTY: 1-888-292-2312
Fax number: (416) 326-6200
E-mail: info@electionsontario.on.ca


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