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Tip of the Day
June 2, 1999


Our final tip of the day is simple and to the point: Be sure to vote tomorrow!   The media is predicting huge line-ups due to many problems with the voting list. Therefore, you should plan to go to vote as early as possible, and allow lots of time for the excursion.

If you need a reminder of the options available to you to ensure that you can vote either in person, or by proxy, take a look at our Guide to Voters with Disabilities or email us today to ask for a copy via email. We will only be able to do this until 11 a.m. June 3, so send your requests for it as soon as you can.

If you encounter any barriers to the voting process, do not be discouraged or deterred from voting. It is very important that everyone votes. We want to track barriers you encounter in order to continue addressing this issue after the election is over. Therefore, please send me an Email documenting any difficulties you had during the voting process so we can assemble this information.

If you encounter barriers to the voting process, you are also encouraged to contact your local media to get them to report this. For example, this morning CBC Radio 1's Metro Morning program had an excellent interview with Chris Stark of Ottawa regarding the barriers he faced as a blind person when he went to vote at an advance poll. Call the CBC Radio Talk Back line at (416) 205-5807 to leave a recorded message about barriers enconter, so that they can air these to the public.

Finally, don't forget that ODA will be on Studio 2, on TV Ontario, tonight at 8 and then again at 11 p.m., on the very eve of this election.


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