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Tip of the Day
June 1, 1999


As our second last tip of the day for this election, you are encouraged to dedicate a slice of time tomorrow, June 2, the last day before the election, to take some sort of last concrete step to make sure that voters actually get out and vote. Do not be lulled by media reports of pre-election polls into believing that this election is already over and decided. Remember that the pollsters got it wrong in the two most recent major elections, last fall's Quebec election and last fall's U.S. Congressional election. Its still a close race, and every last vote counts.

Call two or three friends or family members. Tell them its very important to you that they vote for a strong ODA. Offer to go with them to the polling station.

In the Toronto area, the Anne Johnston Health Station is working to be able to provide people with transportation to the polls on June 3. They have some wheelchair accessible buses but are unsure of numbers of people that they can accomodate.

If you know anyone who is interested in transportation to the polls in Toronto please have them either respond by email to ajhs@pathcom.com or call Michelle Hurtubise at 416-486-8666. She needs to know their name, address and their polling station address. Within the boundaries of Don Valley West, St. Paul's and Eglinton-Lawrence, the rides will be free. Other ridings, they are trying to negotiate, but there may be nominal fees.

The other areas must be departing or driving to within the following boundaries: Duffering to DVP and Sheppard to the CPR Tracks. Yonge Street to Coxwell Road and CPR Tracks to the Lake.

If you are inside or outside Toronto, we again remind you to contact one of the candidates' campaign headquarters in your riding for a ride.

As this round of our campaign for a barrier-free Ontario comes to a close, we should be proud that we have been very, very successful. The recent blast of media coverage is but one example of this. We have also received word that some deaf individuals have announced an intention to bring a court action due to the lack of provision of sign interpretation at the polling stations.

Whatever be the outcome of the election, we have good reason to celebrate our unprecedented effort at making disability issues and people with disabilities really count in this election. In Toronto, we are going to have a post-election celebration, to which everyone is invited, next Tuesday, June 8 at 6 p.m. at the Granite Grewery. This is located at the corner of Eglinton and Mount Pleasant. Its street address is 245 Eglinton East, but the entry is on Mount Pleasant. Parking is available next door. Please come if you can.

For those too far to come, we encourage you to arrange your own celebrations in your community. We have all earned it with our efforts during this election campaign. If you can come to the Toronto event, its not required that you RSVP. However, it would be helpful if you could Email us if you are coming, so we can alert the Granite Brewery about the range of numbers we might expect. Click here to email us.


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