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Tip of the Day
May 30, 1999


With the election looming only four days away, the most important job we have now is to make sure people who support a strong ODA get out to vote and that they know the candidates' positions on this issue. Here are some suggestions for the last few days of the campaign period:

  1. Call everyone you know, especially seniors and people with disabilities, and ask them if they have made their plans to go and vote this Thursday. if they aren't sure where to go to vote or what time the polls are open, offer to find out for them.

  2. If you call someone and they are unable to get out to vote because they have a disability or are ill, offer to vote for them using a proxy. Instructions on how to do this are on the ODA web site at http://www.odacommittee.net You can vote as a proxy for only one other person if they are not a member of your family.

  3. Check out your local polling stations to see if they are really accessible. If not, contact your returning officer in your riding immediately. Ask them to fix this or to make sure that there is a public announcement telling people where they can vote that is accessible.

  4. Offer to escort seniors and/or people with disabilities to the polling station if they are unsure where to go.

  5. Call local news media and ask them to tell voters about which polling stations are accessible and what voters with disabilities can expect at the polls.

Every voter you help get to the polling station is important!


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