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Tip of the Day
May 7, 1999

Here's another great way everyone can help get the message out right now to the public about the importance in this election of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act issue.

Why doesn't everyone who is able immediately tune in to your nearest call-in talk radio station or talk-TV show, and call in to let the public know about the need for a strong and effective Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the positions of the parties.

If you don't want to or can't do this, why not write a letter to the editor of your nearby local paper.

What points could you make? Think about mentioning these:

  • Ontario has 1.5 million people with disabilities. We face barriers all over the place in trying to use public services, get an education, use the health care system, get on a bus or get a job.

  • Give examples of barriers you experience or you know about.

  • We need a strong new law to tear down those barriers.

  • Mike Harris promised in writing in the last election that he would pass just such a law, the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, in his first term.

  • Harris has clearly broken this promise. He has not passed the law Instead, he promised. He called an election when he still had 1 year left in his term to keep his promise.

  • What have the NDP and Liberals been doing about this? They spent 4 years trying to pressure Harris to keep his election promise to us. Now that Harris has broken this promise, each of those two parties have promised in similar terms to pass a strong law within specified time lines to tear down those barriers, and to work with persons with disabilities to develop the law.

  • Compare the track record of a Conservative promise avoided for four years in office and then the promise now broken with the track record of Liberal and NDP efforts to get the law passed now, and to pass one if elected.

  • All voters should vote and should consider this issue when they decide who to vote for. This effects not only the 1.5 million who have a disability now, but everyone else, since we all get a disability during our lifetime.

Let us know if you can get the calls or letters through. Call and write often to the media about this. Its your avenue to reach the public directly. Go for it!


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