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To:     All Supporters of a Strong Ontarians with Disabilities Act
From:     Steve Peters, MPP, Elgin-Middlesex-London,
Liberal Critic for Persons with Disabilities
Date:     November 24, 1999

November 24, 1999

Dear Members of the ODA Committee;

I am writing to thank all of you for your hard work and determination toward the passage of an Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

On November 23rd, the opposition day motion that I proposed passed with unanimous support from all three parties in the house, 88-0. I was especially proud that every single Liberal MPP was in the legislature to rise in favour of this important resolution.

As you know, the motion called on the government to enact a strong and effective Ontarians with Disabilities Act within two years time. Ontario needs an ODA that will break down the barriers that are restricting the success of persons with disabilities. Problems with housing, transportation, education, employment, health care, business and communications need to be addressed with one piece of omnibus legislation along the lines of the successful Americans with Disabilities Act.

The resolution that we passed would not have been successful without the involvement of such people as you. The letters that members received, the phone calls to their office, and the strong show of supporters at Queen's Park on the day of the vote helped to sway the government to favour this resolution.

Thank you for your commitment to this key piece of legislation. I hope that we will be able to celebrate together in two years, when the dream of a strong and effective ODA should become a reality.

Yours truly,

Steve Peters, MPP
Liberal Critic for Persons with Disabilities


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