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ODA Committee Update
November 19, 2002



November 19, 2002


On Saturday, November 23, 2002, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., a public forum will
be held in London on how to use the Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2001 in
our campaign for a barrier-free Ontario for all people with disabilities.

Please come. Bring family and friends. Bring examples of the barriers you
face in the public or private sectors. Plan to get active. Circulate the
announcement set out below as far and wide as you can. Also see below a
published column in the London Free Press about this upcoming event. If you
live outside London, why not organize a similar event in your community?


The Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee, London Region is pleased to
announce that it will hold a public meeting on Saturday, November 23, 2002
in London.

David Lepofsky, volunteer chair of the province-wide, non-partisan ODA
Committee will address the topic of Implementing the Ontarians with
Disabilities Act, 2001. All three political parties have been invited, as
have members of the Accessibility Council of Ontario. To date, we have
received word from both MPP Steve Peters (L) and MPP Bob Wood (PC) that
they will attend.

Where? 78 Riverside Drive, Forest City Seniors' Kiwanis Community Centre,

When? 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

How? Barriers in the areas of public transit, colleges, universities,
hospitals and school boards will be gathered. If your barriers or the ones
of people with disabilities you know (physical, mental or sensory) fall
outside these public sector areas we want to hear about them. Barriers
could be physical, attitudinal, communication-related, technology-related
or those related to a policy or a practice.

Who? Everyone is welcome. American Sign Language will be provided. The
facility is accessible to people using mobility devices such as

Cathy Vincent-Linderoos email: clinderoos@rogers.com
Kash Husain email:
a.husain@ieee.org tel: 519 - 472 - 7842


London Free Press Thursday, October 24, 2002

Vox Pop - Meeting will help establish accessibility guidelines


On Oct. 7, 2002 London City Council approved nominations of 13 Londoners --
a majority of whom have disabilities -- to the new London accessibility
advisory committee. This committee is required of communities of 10,000 or
larger under the terms of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA) 2001.

The primary aim of the committee is to advise and assist in promoting and
facilitating a barrier-free London for citizens of all abilities, including
people with disabilities.

The members have personal experience in advocating for people with diverse
disabilities who confront unnecessary barriers in every aspect of life.
Several on the committee have family members with disabilities. As well,
the committee will appoint 9 non-voting, resource members including one
from the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA) Committee. Many support
organizations will be represented.

This committee, which will deliberate openly, will work with the city on
development and implementation of its annual accessibility plans. These
plans are also required under the ODA 2001. Names of London committee
members and terms of reference can be found by searching
www.city.london.on.ca for "accessibility advisory committee". For details
about meetings, call committee secretary Lorelei Fisher at 661 - 5417 or
e-mail her at lfisher@city.london.on.ca .

The Accessibility Directorate is an office within the provincial Ministry
of Citizenship. It has published guidelines for implementing the ODA for
municipalities and the broader public sector (BPS) organizations, such as
hospitals, universities, colleges and school boards. These guides can be
located online at www.gov.on.ca/citizenship/accessibility.

The guidelines specifically suggest the unnecessary barriers people with
disabilities experience within the various sectors be compiled. Thus, the
ODA Committee will do this at a public meeting Nov. 23 from 1:00 to 3 p.m.
at the Forest City Kiwanis Seniors' Community Centre at 78 Riverside Drive.
The facility is accessible to people using wheel-chairs and American Sign
Language will be provided.

David Lepofsky, provincial chair of the ODA Committee, will be our guest
speaker. MPPs from all three parties have been invited, as have members of
the Accessibility Council of Ontario. The public and media are invited.

Our facilitators will gather pertinent information from participants and
compile the results. The information will be sent to all local BPS
organizations with a covering letter, after the meeting.

Not only is the ODA Committee working to meet the government half way on
implementing a strong ODA, but we continue to remind the public of the
pressing need for a strong law to be implemented. The government's 13
commitments and other important documents relating to the ODA can be found
at www.odacommittee.net .

We will monitor the success the ODA 2001 has in removing barriers against
people with mental, physical and sensory disabilities. We plan to be active
in the next provincial election and encourage people to help implement a
strong ODA for the benefit of all. Please share this article.

Ashfaq (Kash) Husain ( a.husain@ieee.org) and Cathy Vincent-Linderoos
( clinderoos@rogers.com ) are regional contacts, Ontarians with Disabilities
Act (ODA) Committee, London area.


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