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ODA Committee Update
November 7, 2002


Ontario Human Rights Commission Extends Deadline for You to Make Written Submission on Barriers to Education Facing Ontarians with Disabilities

November 7, 2002


The Ontario Human Rights Commission has extended its deadline to November
30, 2002 for you to send in written submissions on barriers facing persons
with disabilities in Ontario in education. Take this opportunity to give
them your input.


This past summer, the Ontario Human Rights Commission announced that it was
holding a public consultation on barriers facing persons with disabilities
in Ontario in education. It released a discussion paper and called for one
and all to send in submissions. These submissions were due early in
October, but the Commission has just extended its deadline to November 30,

We encourage you, whether you are an individual or part of an organization,
to send in a submission. You might wish to:

* talk about barriers to education that you or others near you face,
whether you are thinking about education for children or training for

* Urge the Commission to recommend that the Ontario Government set
standards for barrier-free education;

* Urge the Commission to start developing such standards.

* Encourage the Commission to adopt the positions taken and recommendations
made in the ODA Committee's brief which it submitted to the Commission's
consultation. We previously emailed out that brief. It is posted on the ODA Committee web site at:

* Urge that the Ontario Government's new funding formula for education
which has not yet been established must be designed to ensure that children
with disabilities have their needs met, and to ensure that our education
system operates in a barrier-free way.

You can view the Commission's discussion paper on this topic on its website


The Commission has stated:

"Submissions can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to the OHRC, at the following

Ontario Human Rights Commission
Education Consultation
Policy and Education Branch
180 Dundas Street West,
8th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 2R9

Fax: (416) 314-4533

Should you have any questions about the consultation process, you may
contact the OHRC by telephone at (416) 314-4507, or 1-800-387-9000, or by
TTY at (416) 314-6526 or 1-800-308-5561."


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