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ODA Committee Update
November 5, 2002


ODA Committee Seeks Your Ideas on Action Strategies

November 5, 2002


Please email the ODA Committee with your ideas on how ODA supporters, both
individuals and community organizations, can use the new provisions of the
Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2001, recently proclaimed in force, to try
to get barriers in local communities removed and prevented.


The ODA Committee is now preparing its "Barrier Busters Action Kit" which
will be sent out in the next few weeks. It will include ideas on what you
can do at the local level, to use the ODA 2001 to try to get barriers
against persons with disabilities removed and prevented.

We want your ideas on what should be included in this action kit. We are
not seeking lists of barriers from you. Rather, we want tips that we can
include in our action kit, and which others can use in their own
communities. These are ideas for the grassroots of the ODA movement to use
right across Ontario.

Send your ideas to: oda@odacommittee.net

Write "Ideas for Barrier-Busters" in the subject line.

What might you think of?

* Ideas on how people can use the new system of municipal accessibility
advisory committees to promote barrier-free communities.

* Ideas for members of local municipal advisory committees on how they can
make their committees as effective as possible.

* Ideas on how to identify barriers in hospitals, schools, colleges,
universities and provincial government organizations and how to get them to
the attention of these organizations.

* Ideas on how you can get companies in the private sector in your
community to remove and prevent barriers.

* Ideas on how you can monitor to see if actual action is occurring in your
community to remove and prevent barriers.

* Ideas on how we can all learn from each other on what is working and what
is not working in this area.
* Ideas on how to bring these issues to your local media.

The ODA 2001 was introduced into the Legislature one year ago today. Let's
come up with great ideas on how everyone, individuals and community
organizations, can use it as best we can. Let's all monitor whether it is
living up to the 13 major commitments that the Ontario Government made to
us one year ago regarding this legislation.


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