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ODA Update
March 20, 2001

Please mark the afternoon of Thursday, April 19, 2001 on your
calendar! That's when the Government's new Throne Speech will
take place at the Ontario Legislature. We are now in the process
of trying to make arrangements for accessible rooms in the
legislature building for people with disabilities to come to
Queen's Park to watch the Throne Speech. Nothing has yet been
arranged and confirmed. We will circulate more information when
it becomes available. Please keep that date open and tell your
friends and family to do the same.

This will be a very important day for supporters of a strong
Ontarians with Disabilities Act. In the Throne Speech, the
Government announces the measures that it will be bringing
forward before the Legislature during the new session. The
Legislature previously fixed the deadline of November 23, 2001
for a strong and effective Ontarians with Disabilities Act to be
enacted into law. That date, only 252 days from now, falls
within the new session of the Legislature.

We will be closely watching to see whether the Government of
Ontario will say in the April 19, 2001 Throne Speech that it will
both introduce and pass a strong and effective ODA in this
session. As we know too well, the fact that the Government makes
a promise in its Throne Speech is no guarantee. In the last
Throne Speech, the Government promised to bring forward an action
plan on the ODA in that session. It broke that promise.
Nevertheless, it will be important to see what this new Throne
Speech will have to say.

More details to follow when we get more information. So far, all
we can do is ask you to keep this date open in your calendars.


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