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ODA Committee Update
dated March 11, 2005
posted March 16, 2005


More Details On Upcoming Clause-By-Clause Debate On Bill 118 By Standing Committee On Social Policy

March 11, 2005


We have been advised that the March 29 and April 4, 2005 sessions of the
Legislature's Standing Committee on Social Policy will be held in the
Ontario Legislature Building at Queen's Park, Toronto, in Room 151. During
those sessions, the Standing Committee will undertake clause-by-clause
debate over Bill 118. This is when the Standing Committee debates and votes
on amendments to the bill. We don't yet know if this process will extend
into further meetings after those two dates.

Each session will begin somewhere between 3:30 and 4 p.m. Each session will
end by 6 p.m. The Standing Committee's Clerk has advised us that they have
arranged for American sign Language, captioning, and attendant care to be
available on these dates. We appreciate the provision of those

We again encourage you to attend these sessions, to show your support for
Bill 118, the proposed Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act,
and for strengthening that bill through strong, effective amendments. If
you need para-transit, book it now. For those who cannot attend these
sessions in person, we have been advised that these Standing Committee
sessions will be video taped, and will be broadcast the next morning on the
Ontario Legislature cable channel. They will also be webcast the day after
each session on the Ontario Legislature website.

We are all eager to see what amendments the three political parties will
each be proposing. The parties are required to file these amendments with
the Standing Committee by 5 p.m. next Friday, March 18, 2005. We are asking
the three parties to each provide the Ontarians with Disabilities Act
Committee with an electronic copy of their proposed amendments as quickly as
possible after they are filed with the Standing Committee, so we can in turn
make them available to you as quickly as possible via our email update list.
Once we circulate those amendments, you will have 11 days to urge the
parties to pass the amendments that you support.

We will do our best to keep you posted. Send us your feedback at:




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