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ODA Committee Update
dated Nov. 27, 2003


Let Elections Ontario Know About Any Barriers You Faced During The 2003 Provincial Election

November 27, 2003


The ODA Committee has been campaigning for years to ensure that all provincial elections in Ontario are fully accessible for voters with disabilities. We understand that Elections Ontario is undertaking some research into how they did during the October 2, 2003 Ontario general election. We encourage you to help them.

We commend Elections Ontario for having spoken to some groups in the community about this issue. We have no details on what they have done so far.

To date, Elections Ontario has not taken up our suggestion that they simply invite you and all interested Ontarians to let them know if they faced any disability-related barriers to participating in this election, and especially in the voting process.

As part of their work in this area, Elections Ontario has asked us to circulate the notice below. We do encourage you to participate in the research they are announcing.

We also encourage you to simply let Elections Ontario know if you faced any barriers, regardless of what your disability may be. For example, if you had contacted the Elections Ontario hotline for help, let them know what response you got.

Several people have let the ODA Committee know about problems they faced. We strongly encourage you to let Elections Ontario know! You may wish to give your feedback to:

Heather Bussey, Manager, Communications & External Relations Elections Ontario busseyh@electionsontario.on.ca 416-326-5489

Also, let the ODA Committee know what response you get from Elections Ontario. Contact us at:


Together let's try to make sure that the last election is the last Ontario election that is not barrier-free.



On behalf of Elections Ontario, Ipsos-Reid - a national opinion research firm - has been conducting a comprehensive research project among eligible voters (whether they voted or not). The findings will help Elections Ontario make further improvements to the administration and management of the electoral process in Ontario.

As part of this project, surveys will be conducted among the general population and specific communities, including people who are blind or sight-impaired. It will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Ipsos Reid/Elections Ontario still needs additional respondents for this survey. If you are interested in participating, please contact Ipsos-Reid this week at 1-888-666-8541 or electionsurvey@ipsos-reid.com to provide your contact information. A representative of Ipsos-Reid will contact you, unless all interviews have already been scheduled or completed. Your participation and all of your individual responses to the questionnaire will be kept strictly anonymous and confidential.

Thank you in advance for helping Elections Ontario continue to improve service to eligible voters. If you have any comments or questions about this initiative, please contact either Elections Ontario at 416-326-6226 or Ipsos-Reid at 416-324-2308.



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