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ODA Committee Update
dated Oct. 29, 2003
Posted Oct. 30, 2003


ODA Committee Seeks Your Input On Action Ideas For Next Phase In Our Campaign For A Barrier-Free Ontario

October 29, 2003


With the October 2, 2003 election now behind us, the ODA Committee must turn its attention to priorities for grassroots action around Ontario to move forward on the road to a barrier-free Ontario. We seek your ideas.


As we have done at many turning points in our campaign for a barrier-free Ontario, the ODA Committee would like you to send us your ideas on what ODA supporters might do over the next weeks and months to move our campaign forward. Think especially of ideas of actions that grass-roots ODA supporters can use in their own communities, either working alone or with community organizations. Email your ideas to us at:


Think especially about ideas for making sure the newly-elected Liberal Government makes its ODA commitments a priority for action. The new Ontario Government has just been sworn in. Its new ministers are just learning the ropes. We await word from the new Liberal Government on which Minister and which Ministry in the new Government will have lead responsibility for keeping its commitment to give Ontario a new ODA within one year.

The new Government caucus includes 72 MPPs. Fully half of them are new to the Legislature. They were not at Queen's Park over the past eight years as we battled to get the Conservative Government to pass good legislation. It will help to think of ideas on how to inform them in a positive way about the ODA issue, and to help ensure that they are as supportive as possible of the ODA cause.

We also need ideas for how to keep public attention on this issue, and to help promote to the public the need for a strong, effective ODA to achieve
a barrier-free Ontario.

Think of ideas for action that are suitable for volunteers who have limited time to pitch in. You might borrow from the tried and true...things you have done in the past that have worked. Think also about new ideas.

Remember that we have already done a lot of the important ground work.
Back in 1998, we developed a detailed blueprint of what the ODA needs to contain. It builds upon our 11 principles for the ODA. It was the result of over three years of consultations by the ODA Committee. You can find it on our website at: www.odacommittee.net or you can email us for it at the address above.

Once we have received your ideas, the ODA Committee will use them to prepare and circulate a new post-election action kit for you and all other ODA supporters to use.


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