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ODA Committee Update
dated August 25, 2003
posted August 29, 2003


Kitchener to Host Conference on Implementing the ODA and Achieving Accessibility

August 25, 2003


We have learned that on October 2, 2003 a conference on the implementation of the ODA and on promoting accessibility will be held in Kitchener Ontario. Below please find the announcement and flyer provided by those organizing the conference. As is the case for the Sault Ste. Marie ODA conference on September 10-11, 2003, we hope that local municipalities and the Ontario Government will help fund people to attend.

The ODA Committee, which is not involved in organizing this conference, encourages one and all to attend. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this conference, as it is taking place two days after September 30, 2003, the deadline for municipalities, hospitals, school boards, public transit providers, colleges and universities, as well as the Ontario Government ministries, to make public their first annual accessibility plans under the ODA 2001.

For further information about this conference, see the contact information set out below.



We are very thrilled to be hosting "Designing for Inclusion - A Community Accessbility Forum" a one day forum on Thursday October 2nd in Kitchener - We hope to share best practices with participants from Southern/Central Ontario and our intent is to educate members of the community and professionals (planners, architects, business owners, municipal staff & officials, and developers) about; disability awareness, accommodation of persons with disabilities, the business case for accessibility, accessibility plans, Accessibility Advisory Committees, Ontarians with Disabilities Act updates and barrier free/universal design beyond the building code.

Please take a moment and have a look at our website ...registration details to follow next week...


Contact: Margaret Sanderson
Inclusion Co-ordinator
Inclusion Services, Community Services Dept
City of Kitchener
(519) 741-2229, TTY (519) 741-2385 margaret.sanderson@city.kitchener.on.ca


Promotional Flyer

Thursday, October 2
8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Country Hills Community Centre
100 Rittenhouse Rd. Kitchener ON

Join other community members and professionals including planners, architects, developers, business owners and municipal staff to:

* Gain insight into a number of accessibility issues
* Share best practices for removing and preventing physical, attitudinal and communication barriers

Topics include:

* Accessible Outdoor Spaces
* The Business Cases for Accessibility
* Universal Design

For more information:

Visit www.city.kitchener.on.ca
Call 519-741-2229
Email DesigningForInclusion@city.kitchener.on.ca

This event is supported by the Government of Ontario through the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario and the Ministry of Citizenship's Community Accessibility Program and delivered in partnership with a number of community agencies including:

Guelph Services for Persons with Disabilities (GSPD) www.gspd.org http://www.gspd.org

Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region www.ilcwr.org http://www.ilcwr.org

KidsAbility - Centre for Child Development www.kidsability.ca http://www.rccw.on.ca

The Canadian Hearing Society-Waterloo Region www.chs.ca

Ontario March of Dimes www.dimes.on.ca http://www.dimes.on.ca

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind-Waterloo/Wellington www.cnib.ca http://www.cnib.ca

The City of Kitchener www.city.kitchener.on.ca http://www.city.kitchener.on.ca

The City of Waterloo www.city.waterloo.on.ca http://www.city.waterloo.on.ca The City of Guelph www.city.guelph.on.ca http://www.city.guelph.on.ca

The City of Cambridge www.city.cambridge.on.ca http://www.city.cambridge.on.ca

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo www.region.waterloo.on.ca http://www.region.waterloo.on.ca

K-W Barrier Free Advisory Committee www.city.kitchener.on.ca/committee/accessibility.htm

Guelph-Wellington Barrier Free Committee www.gwbarrierfree.org http://www.gwbarrierfree.org

Canadian Council for the Blind www.ccbnational.net

Wayne J. Tuttle - Forum Co-ordinator
Designing For Inclusion
"A Community Accessibility Forum"




ODA Committee Update dd July 29, 2003 - City Of Sault Ste. Marie to Host Major Open Conference on Implementing the ODA 2001 September 10 and 11, 2003

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