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Members' Statements
in the Ontario Legislature

re: ODA Legislation

November 2, 2000


Question Period

Ontario Legislature Question Period November 2, 2000


Mr Tony Martin (Sault Ste Marie)
: Yesterday I asked the Premier in
this House to explain to us what he was going to do where the
Ontarians with Disabilities Act is concerned, and he blamed the
NDP. After six years in government, he continues to blame the NDP
when in fact it's the Premier himself who has reneged on his
promise to bring in an Ontarians with Disabilities Act. He can't
pin that blame on us. We've been calling relentlessly for a
meaningful ODA to be tabled and passed in this House as soon as

As a government, the NDP brought in a number of initiatives to
identify and dismantle barriers for the disabled, including the
employment equity bill, which promoted economic self-sufficiency
for the disabled, women, racial minorities and aboriginal people,
but it was one of the first bills the Harris government revoked.
The Advocacy Act was introduced by the NDP to help vulnerable
adults assert their rights and to participate in making decisions
about their lives. Again, the Harris government dismantled that
piece of legislation. The NDP government introduced accessible GO
Transit rail service at 18 key stations and mandated one car per
train to be accessible with up to eight locations for mobility

The NDP government mandated that all transit buses purchased or
leased after July 1, 1993, had to be low-floor and fully
accessible, and a number of other very progressive programs for the

We want to warn the Premier right here and now that if he dares to
table the draft legislation that was recently leaked, able and
disabled Ontarians alike will be howling from the rooftops. This
government should realize right here and now that Ontarians deserve
a meaningful Ontarians with Disabilities Act.




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