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November 24, 1999




Ms Marilyn Churley (Broadview-Greenwood): Speaker, I stand today on a point of order. I was contacted yesterday afternoon by one of my constituents, Mr Gary Malkowski. As members of this House will know, Mr Malkowski is a former member of this Legislature and a tireless advocate for people with disabilities.

Mr Malkowski approached me yesterday because he is outraged by the way the Premier of this province has now for the second time misquoted him in an effort to take cheap political shots at the NDP. Mr Malkowski at no time said that the move by "Mike Harris and the Ontario Conservative Party is the best thing to happen to the disabled in my lifetime." In fact, earlier this afternoon, Mr Malkowski wrote a letter to the Premier expressing his extreme displeasure.

When will the Premier learn to not use people with disabilities as props in his partisan gamesmanship and treat them and their concerns with the respect that they deserve?

Mr Speaker, I would ask you today to uphold the integrity of this House and ask the Premier to withdraw his comments of yesterday and to write a letter of apology to Mr Malkowski.

The Speaker (Hon Gary Carr): The member will know that is not a point of order.

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