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ODA Action Tip
February 17, 2002

More Copies Now Available Of Excellent Video On Need For Strong, Effective ODA

Here is an important announcement from Janet Wood, a Regional Contact for the Guelph Region of the ODA Committee. It lets you know that more copies are now available of the excellent video produced in Guelph on the need for effective legislation to remove and prevent barriers facing persons with disabilities. We encourage you to get a copy of this video, to show it to others to educate them on this issue, and to send Janet your feedback. The video includes captioning.

We have received great feedback so far from around Ontario that this video is excellent and well worth the $10 to cover the costs of producing the copies. Thanks again to all who worked so hard to make this video.


At the end of last year the Guelph ODA Committee and their associates in Guelph produced the video "Please don't come...it's not accessible" in which people with disabilities in Guelph and area describe the barriers they face and the need for legislation - an effective ODA - to remove them.

Distribution of the video was brisk in November as we advocated improvement of last fall's legislation. 80 copies of the video were distributed to provincial and municipal politicians, individuals and groups advocating barrier removal, law offices, municipal agencies, schools, libraries etc...and the feedback we have received is very positive.

More copies of the video have now been made. If you would like one, please send an email to jwood@uoguelph.ca or a fax (519 822 2472) to me including your full address and telephone number. You will be billed for the cost of the
video and handling ($10).

And when you've viewed your tape, please write to let me know how you've used
it and what you think of it.

Janet Wood




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