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Six years ago, on November 29, 1994, the ODA Committee was born.
We started as about 20 people. We have grown to include so many,
many people. We include those with disabilities and those
without disabilities, and over 100 community organizations. We
have grown to include 21 Regions right across Ontario. And we
have secured three supporting resolutions from the Ontario
Legislature, and from over 20 municipalities across this
province. We have forged friendships and associations across
Canada and indeed, around the world. We just keep on growing!

All should be especially proud of everyone's ongoing individual
and collective efforts over the past weeks. Despite massive
media distraction with the federal election, your efforts have
kept the ODA issue prominent the public eye. In the face of our
action, the Ontario Government has not introduced a weak ODA bill
during the federal election. We must remain ready to act in case
it is introduced any day now. Thanks to your efforts, if the
Government tries to introduce a weak and ineffective bill now,
the media will no longer be pre-occupied with the federal

Let's celebrate the ODA Committee's sixth birthday by re- dedicating
ourselves to our shared goal of achieving a barrier- free Ontario for
all persons with disabilities, through enactment of a strong, effective
and mandatory ODA. We should be very proud of what we have
accomplished in this long, challenging effort over the past weeks, and
indeed, over the past six years!

A job well done!



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