The Premier of Ontario
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A1

September 3, 1996

Mr. David Lepofsky
Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee
40 Orchard View Boulevard
Suite 255
Toronto, Ontario
MG 1B9

Dear Mr. Lepofsky:

Thank you for your letter requesting a meeting to discuss the proposed legislation, the Ontarians with Disabilities Act. This is an important issue and I appreciate that you have brought your concerns to my attention.

Unfortunately, due to a full schedule, 1 am unable to meet with you at this time. However, 1 have taken the liberty of forwarding your request to my colleague, the Honourable Marilyn Mushinski, Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation, for her consideration. I note that you have copied the Minister on your correspondence to me.

Let me assure you that this government is committed to the interests and dignity of persons with disabilities and is sensitive to the challenges they face. In various ministries across the government, a range of initiatives designed specifically to address the concerns of people with disabilities are being developed and implemented.

Your input is appreciated. Again, thanks for writing.


Michael D. Harris, MPP

c: The Honourable Marilyn Mushinski

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