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Letter from Howard Hampton
Leader, Ontario NDP re: ODA

Howard Hampton, MPP, Leader
Ontario NDP
Room 214 NW, Legislative Assembly
Queen's Park M7A 1A5

September 20, 1999

Dear Mr. Lepofsky:

Ontario New Democrats agree with the ODA Committee on the need and the urgency for a strong, effective Ontarians with Disabilities Act, one which conforms to the eleven principles adopted by the Legislature in 1998. We want you to know that this is a priority for the Ontario NDP. We are encouraged by the new Minister saying this is also a priority for the government, and will be pressuring her to make good on this commitment when the Legislature resumes.

We agree with your proposal for a Select Committee Consultation with Ontarians before the introduction of a new ODA. The Consultation should be barrier-free, and the government should widely publicize this process. We also agree that stakeholders, including the ODA Committee, should have an opportunity to review and respond to the results of the consultation. After this Consultation, we would like to see the government move as quickly as possible to introduce legislation by the fall of 2000.

We will be working with you to ensure that this Legislation is drafted and passed after the consultation process as outlined in your proposal. Marilyn Churley, MPP, is the new NDP Disability Critic and I know she will work hard with you to achieve these goals.

New Democrats look forward to working with your committee and with disabled Ontarians so that this landmark legislation is achieved, and Ontario made a barrier-free province.



Howard Hampton
Leader, Ontario NDP

Cc: Marilyn Churley, MPP



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