Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee

1. If your party is elected as the next government, will you commit to the prompt passage of an Ontarians with Disabilities Act no later than January 1996?

Tory Response:

A Harris government would be willing to enact an Ontario with Disabilities Act in the first term of office within the economic goalposts of the Common Sense Revolution. The accommodation issue is often the stumbling block when it comes to financing access to post-secondary institutions, transportation, government publications, training programs and communications. We hope through cost efficiencies achieved in other areas of government to direct much needed funding to accommodation.

2. If elected, would your government enact by regulation the Ontario Human Rights Commission's Guidelines on the Accommodation of Persons with Disabilities?

Tory Response:

A Mike Harris government will review the Guidelines and make a determination on this point within 60 days of forming the government. We have committed to dedicate additional resources to the Human Rights Commission to help clear backlog and strengthen the program.

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