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May 21, 1996

By Facsimile, Original by Mail

Marilyn Mushinski
Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation
6th Floor
77 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 2R9

Dear Ms. Mushinksi:

On May 16th you indicated in response to a question from Dominic Agostino that you have a meeting scheduled with the Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee in June. To my knowledge no such meeting has been scheduled. I am aware that you have a meeting scheduled for June 13th with ARCH.

Confusion may have arisen since I wrote on behalf of both ARCH and the ODA Committee. When I spoke with your secretary Sonia Richards we confirmed that the June 13th meeting is with ARCH and that the ODA Committee's request for a meeting remains outstanding.

As I advised Ms. Richards, ARCH will be represented by our President Ron McInnes, Health Mentor Patti Bregman and myself.

I trust this clarifies matters.

Yours truly,

David Baker
Executive Director

cc: David Lepofsky
Dominic Agostino
Marion Boyd

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