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Letter to Premier Harris
from Marilyn Churley
NDP Critic for Disability Issues
February 17, 2000


February 17,2000

Premier Mike Harris
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario, M7A 1A1

Dear Premier Harris:

Mr. Premier, your declaration of this past weekend at the provincial Tory convention of "You ain't seen nothing yet," is certainly apropos with your government's position on the Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Since 1995, the Conservative Government has taken absolutely no steps to bring forward an Ontarians with Disabilities Act that addresses the real needs of the disabled community. Unfortunately, we haven't "seen nothing yet" from your government and continue to see no signs that your commitment to the disabled community, as well as all Ontarians, will be kept.

Need I remind you of the promise you personally made in 1995 and again in 1999. During the Throne Speech, on April 22, 1999, the Government signaled that it would undertake new consultations before introducing a new Bill. Indeed, a statement you made in the London Free Press on September 11, 1999 indicated that you expected consultations would have begun if not completed by Christmas 1999. Well, we haven't "seen nothing yet".

Mr. Premier, it's time to take action now. We urge your government to announce your specific plans and schedule for consulting, developing and enacting this legislation. Quite simply, it's about time we see something.


Marilyn Churley
NDP Critic for Disability Issues

cc:     Ontarians with Disabilities Committee
Patricia Bregman, ARCH
Helen Johns, Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation


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