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Letter from Hon. Helen Johns
Minister, Citizenship, Culture, and Recreation
February 17, 2000


Here is the most recent letter to the ODA Committee from Citizenship Minister Helen Johns. As you will see, it does not respond to any of the specific matters which the ODA Committee raised in its January 14, 2000 letter to the Minister, or our subsequent January 31, 2000 letter to the Minister.

Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation
6th Floor
400 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M7A 2R9
Tel: (416) 325-6200
Fax: (416) 325-6195

February 17, 2000

Dear Mr. Lepofsky:

Thank you for your letter dated January 14, 2000 regarding timelines for the development of an Ontarians with Disabilities Act. The government remains committed to establishing an action plan during this session as announced in the Speech from the Throne on October 21, 1999. We will continue to meet with individuals and groups who have an interest in promoting opportunities for people with disabilities and all members of society, so that we can work together to achieve this goal.

Since 1995, this government had done a great deal to promote opportunity and access for people with disabilities. In fact, this government has announced more than $500 million in new spending on initiatives for Ontarians with disabilities. We will continue to move forward by listening to the diverse views and needs that exist in our province so that we are in a position to develop an action plan that addresses the concerns of all Ontarians.

Yours very truly,

Helen Johns


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