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Open Letter from Gary Malkowski
to Premier Harris

December 1st, 1998

Mr. Gary Malkowski

Premier Michael Harris
143 Queensdale Ave
Premier's Office
Toronto, Ontario
Main Legislative Building
M4J 1Y5
Room 281
Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A1


Dear Premier Michael Harris

Re: Bill 83 - The Proposed Ontarians with Disabilities Act

I wish to set this record straight with respect to my support for Bill 83, the Proposed Ontarians with Disabilities Act.  Yesterday during Oral Question's Period, you made statements that implied I support Bill 83.  You said "We have had more people with disabilities, including a former New Democratic member who came forward and said of the move that we made, This is the biggest breakthrough in the history of the Ontario Legislature."

And later you used my name, so it was very clear to whom you were referring in the quote above.   Your statements could not be further from the truth.   I think Bill 83 is useless, toothless and patronizing legislation which violates the Supreme Court of Canada's landmark ruling in the Eldridge case.

I have never supported Bill 83 and resent the fact that you have undermined my credibility by making such false and public statements.  Therefore, I am demanding that you to withdraw your comments in the legislature immediately.

I look forward to hearing to receiving your prompt response on this letter. I can be reached at or fax me at 416-406-1642.

Yours truly,

Gary Malkowski
Former MPP for York East,
Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship with responsible for Disability Issues

CC: David Lepofsky, Co-Chair, ODA Committee
Dave Allen, Executive Director, The Canadian Hearing Society
Chris Kenopic, President, Ontario Association of the Deaf
Frances Lankin, NDP Critic, Disability Issues
Gilles Morin, Liberal Critic, Disability Issues
John Parker, MPP for York East
Hon. Isabel Bassett, Minister, Citizenship, Culture and Recreation

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