Image of black text with drop shadow that reads: Ontarians With Disabilities Act Committee

Letter to the Hon. Mike Harris,
Premier of Ontario

from Dalton McGuinty,
Leader of the Official Opposition
Leader of the Liberal Party

November 23, 2000


November 23, 2000

The Hon. Michael D. Harris, MPP
Premier of Ontario
Room 281, Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A1

Dear Premier:

Please find enclosed a copy of the Ontario Liberal Consultation
Tour Report
, issued today subsequent to our 15-community tour
chaired by MPP Steve Peters.
Based on hearings in which over 600
people participated, the report gives an account of the everyday
barriers that prevent people with disabilities from fully
participating in our society.

Premier, it is clear that Ontario desperately needs a strong and
effective Ontarians with Disabilities Act. What is also clear is
that you have consistently failed to deliver on your promise of
1995 to enact such a law.

I would ask that you read the report from start to finish:
Ontario's disabled community is crying out to be heard. I urge you
to listen to them and keep your promise to enact a meaningful
Ontarians with Disabilities Act*one that will ensure that all
Ontarians have the opportunity to succeed.

Yours truly,

Dalton McGuinty, MPP
Leader of the Official Opposition
Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party


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