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Letter from the Honourable Helen Johns,
Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation

Ministry of Citizenship, Culture & Recreation


6th Floor
400 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M7A 2R9

November 14, 2000

David Lepofsky
c/o Marg Thomas
Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee
1929 Bayview Ave.
Toronto ON M4G 3E8

Dear Mr. Lepofsky:

Thank you for your letter of October 30, updating me on your organization's

As I have stated in previous correspondence, I am always interested in
hearing the views of Ontarians, and I am pleased to receive your written
comments on disability issues, including any relevant materials you wish to

This government believes that ongoing consultations with a wide range of
stakeholders is an integral part of our commitment to ensuring that all
Ontarians have a voice in shaping this province, now and in the future.

We continue to develop partnerships with a number of groups and
organizations in critical sectors to enhance the lives of Ontarians with
disabilities and those who care for them.

As you know, our government is developing a comprehensive action plan for
people with disabilities - a detailed blueprint in which government will
lead by example and create partnerships with others on behalf of people
disabilities. Our action plan will spur change in our communities, public
institutions and industries.


Helen Johns

c. The Honourable Michael D. Harris

The Honourable Norman W. Sterling
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
and Government House Leader



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