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Letter to Persons United for Self-Help NW.O.
the Honourable Helen Johns,
Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation

May 11, 2000

Marilyn Warf
Regional Director
Persons United for Self-Help NW.O.
79 North Court St.
Thunder Bay ON P7A 4T7

Dear Ms. Warf.

Thank you for your letter regarding disability legislation in Ontario.

I appreciate your interest on this important initiative, and your offer to provide a Northwestern Ontario perspective.

I note that you mentioned in your letter that you have a modified version of the paper you presented to Derwyn Shea, the previous parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Citizenship, Culture and
Recreation. I would be most interested in receiving a copy of this revised paper.

The government remains committed to establishing an action plan during this session as announced in the Throne Speech last October.

We continue to move forward by listening to the diverse views and needs that exist in our province so that we are in a position to develop an action plan that addresses the concerns of all Ontarians.

I am continuing to meet with organizations and individuals to benefit from their insight and expertise on this important initiative, including the Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee, the Ontario March of Dimes., and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

I have asked someone from my office to contact your organization to discuss a possible meeting date.

Thank you for writing to me. The Ministry is always appreciative of input from organizations and individuals that have knowledge and expertise on this important initiative.


Helen Johns


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