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Letter to the ODA Committee from
Ronald J. Bower, Executive Assistant
the Honourable Helen Johns,
Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation

Ministry of Citizenship, Culture & Recreation

June 26, 2000

Mr. David Lepofsky
Ontarians With Disabilities Committee
C/o Marg Thomas
1929 Bayview Ave.
Toronto, Ont., M4G 3ES

Dear Mr. Lepofsky,

Reference is made to previous comespondence from you, dated January 14, 2000, February 04, 2000, and May 23, 2000, regarding various aspects of the intended Ontarians With Disabilities Act.

I have been advised that you are also making reference to a letter to the Hon. Helen Johns, Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation, dated April 24, 2000, which asks for a meeting with the
Minister to discuss the intended Act. You were advised, via a letter from the Minister to yourself dated June 1, 2000, that this office had never received any such letter and also that this office
would continue in our efforts to arrange a meeting with you.

On May 3, 2000, Ms. Debra Mansillo called you and inquired about your availability to meet with the Minister. I understand from her conversation with you that you wanted a meeting during the last
full week of May 2000. Unfortunately, Ms. Johns was not available during that week.

However, Ms. Mansillo did advise you that Ms. Johns was available to meet with you, or any of your committee members, between the dates of May 29th to the end of June 2000. You in turn advised that you would be out of the country on vacation until June 22d.

Given your absence from the country, I attempted to contact Marg Thomas on June 12, 2000. I was advised, via voice mail, that Ms. Thomas was also on vacation and would not return to her place of
employment until June 20.

I am requesting, through this letter, a meeting between yourself and five members of your committee and Ms. Johns, and it would be appreciated if you could agree to a date that is mutually
acceptable to all parties concerned as soon as possible after your return. I am suggesting a date that is convenient to you and your five committee members during the last week in August, 2000.

Please contact the undersigned directly so that we can make the detailed arrangements.

Yours truly,
Ronald J. Bowers
Executive Assistant to the Minister
Ministry of Citizenship,
Culture and Recreation
6th Floor
400 University Avenue
Toronto ON M7A 2R9
Tel.: (416) 325-6200
Fax: (416) 325-6195


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