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Letter to The Honourable
Michael Harris, Premier

February 21, 2001



February 21, 2001

The Honourable Michael Harris
Legislative Building, Room 281
Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1

Dear Premier:

Re: Ontarians with Disabilities Act

It is more important than ever that you accept our request to meet with you. We made that
our most recent request to you in our letters to you dated December 8, 2000 and January 11,
2001. We still await your response.

This meeting is especially critical now for several reasons. There are only 275 days remaining
before the Legislature's November 23, 2001 deadline for a strong and effective Ontarians
with Disabilities Act to be enacted into law. With your recent Cabinet shuffle, you have assigned
a new minister to deal with this issue for the fourth time in five and a half years. Each previous change in the Citizenship Minister has led to months of further delay of your unkept promise to enact the Ontarians with Disabilities Act. There is no room for any further delays.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission's new Discussion Paper on removing barriers to
accessible public transit for Ontarians with disabilities provides a compelling illustration of
the need to enact a strong, mandatory Ontarians with Disabilities Act. At a meeting with
you, representatives of the ODA Committee, and the new Citizenship Minister, you could
provide the much-needed leadership to act on the compelling case for legislation in that
Discussion Paper.

We look forward to hearing from you.


David Lepofsky, CM
Ontarians With Disabilities Act Committee

cc: Cam Jackson 326-9338
Norman Sterling 326-2913
Dalton McGuinty 325-9895
Dwight Duncan 325-2201
Steve Peters 325-7262
Ernie Parsons 325-4757
Howard Hampton 325-8222
David Christopherson 325-3189
Marilyn Churley 325-3252
Tony Martin 325-3720

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