Image of black text with drop shadow that reads: Ontarians With Disabilities Act Committee

Undated Letter to ODA Committee
from Premier Ernie Eves

received in August 2002



On April 10, 2002, we wrote to the new Ontario Premier Ernie Eves, to congratulate him on being chosen by his party as Ontario Premier. We offered to work together with him on the implementation of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act and asked for a chance to meet with him in person. By an undated letter which we received in August, 2002, Premier Eves responded. He referred us to the Citizenship Minister, and did not take us up on his offer to meet. During the seven years that Mike Harris was premier, he refused every one of our 27 or more requests to meet with him.


The Premier
of Ontario
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A1

Mr. David Lepofsky
Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee
c/o Marg Thomas
1929 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4G 3E8

Dear Mr. Lepofsky:

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and congratulations. It is an honour to be chosen to serve as Premier of Ontario.

I understand that my colleague, the Honourable Carl DeFaria, Minister of Citizenship, has responded to your letter about the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA). I encourage you to continue working with Minister DeFaria through the Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee.

As you may be aware, on September 30, 2002, additional sections of the act will be proclaimed. Upon proclamation, the Government of Ontario, municipalities and the public sector, including public transit organizations, school boards, hospitals, colleges and universities will be required to meet specific accessibility obligations. We are developing tools to assist those with obligations under the ODA and a resource package will be available to provide guidance to municipalities for establishing their municipal advisory committees. In addition, customized guidelines for municipalities and for organizations in each of the broader public sectors affected will be available in the fall.

Let me assure you that our government is committed to removing barriers and promoting an inclusive, accessible and diverse society in Ontario. I appreciate having this matter brought to my personal attention.

Yours sincerely,

Ernie Eves, MPP



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Posted April 14, 2003