Questions of Tony Silipo about the Equal Opportunity Website.

Ontario Hansard - Wednesday 28 November 1996.

The House met at 1331.




Mr Bart Maves (Niagara Falls): My question is for the Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation. Yesterday you announced one component of this government's equal opportunity plan, a Web site on the Internet.

As the minister knows, I have a keen interest in this area and have been working with Trevor Wilson, an entrepreneur who is pioneering a business case for equity here in Ontario. He has worked with several companies such as IBM and National Grocers and many others. He's also working in countries like South Africa. Mr Wilson is currently developing a Web site, and I wonder how your ministry site will complement the works and efforts of individuals such as Mr Wilson.

Hon Marilyn Mushinski (Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation):

I'd like to thank the member for Niagara Falls for his question. I know he has a keen interest in and strongly supports this government's plan for equal opportunity.

The site that was announced yesterday is just one component of the equal opportunity plan, but it's based on partnership. There's even a section on the site which is dedicated to the sharing of best-practice models. This site and further announcements that are going to be made fulfil the promise that we made to the people of Ontario both during the election and last December that equal opportunity is a priority with this government.


The Speaker (Hon Chris Stockwell): The member for Fort York, it may be, in your opinion; it may be. But I need order. Thank you.

Mr Maves: I'm glad that businesses and individuals in my riding will have access to this Web site and the education it will provide them so that they can take advantage of the economic benefits the plan has to offer. I wonder, Minister, if you can explain how the equal opportunity plan and the Web site differ from the previous government's approach.

Hon Ms Mushinski: I'd be happy to answer that question. The opposition said that business wasn't interested in equal opportunity. They couldn't have been more wrong. In fact, business has bought into equal opportunity in a big way. Over 125 organizations and individuals, such as Manulife Financial, IBM Canada, the Canadian Abilities Foundation, Motorola Canada and the Richard Ivey school of economics and business at Western, have participated in the development and creation of this Web site. Indeed, it is their Web site. They weren't coerced into participating, they weren't threatened with fines and pending legislation, yet they --

The Speaker: Thank you.

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