Helping People with Disabilities Get Jobs

Society benefits when all of its members are given an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way in the workplace.

The Government is committed to supporting people with disabilities through a variety of measures, including the creation of an Ontarians with Disabilities Act. We will promote opportunities for people with disabilities by increasing accessibility to employment, transportation, education and training. People with disabilities can, want to, and do contribute to a thriving economy.

The Government has already taken people with disabilities off welfare through the Ontario Disability Support Program.

Today, we propose to provide a new, accelerated tax incentive that would support the efforts of businesses to accommodate people with disabilities. This measure would assist thousands of businesses each year in providing increased access and job opportunities for people with disabilities.

My colleague, the Honourable Isabel Bassett, Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation, will announce the details.

As well, we propose that the Retail Sales Tax rebate for personal use vehicles purchased to transport people with physical disabilities be expanded to include additional family memebers and non-family care-providers.