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Sessional Paper No. P-258

Petitions relating to Ontarians with physical or mental disabilities - Mrs. M. Boyd (London Centre) and Mr. M. Gravelle (Port Arthur) May 15, 1997


The government's position is unchanged: we are willing to enact an Ontarians with Disabilities Act within the first term of office within the economic goal posts of the Common Sense Revolution. We intend to consult with the disability community and other stakeholders toward this end. In fact, the Ministry has contracted a study to look at the overall impact and implementation costs to date of the Americans With Disabilities Act. The study should be helpful in developing workable solutions.

The government as a whole remains committed to access for persons with disabilities and has initiated action on a number of additional fronts including:

- a commitment of $30 million over the next five years to establish pilot projects at the college and university level to help students with learning disabilities realize their full potential;

- an additional $15 million annually committed by the Ministry of Community and Social Services to help more families care for their children who have developmental disabilities;

- moving persons with disabilities and seniors to an income support program that meets their needs, respects their dignity and protects their benefits;

- a review of the Ontario Building Code, with a commitment by the Ministry of  Municipal Affairs and Housing to accessibility standards;

- the $3 million Initiative for Vulnerable Adults, announced by the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture & Recreation in April 1996, which includes the Community Connections program to support the co-ordination of community based activities, and the development and operation of an information, referral and clearinghouse service;

- a focus on disability issues in the components of the Equal Opportunity Plan, including information for employers and job-seekers with disabilities and a service directory of employment resources through the Equal Opportunity Web site launched last November.

Hon. Marilyn Mushinski