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Guelph ODA Committee Event

Saturday, May 8, 1999


WHAT:  Guelph ODA Forum II: Election Planning

WHERE:  Victor Davis Memorial Court, 87 Neeve St., Guelph

WHEN:  Saturday, May 8, 12:30 2:00 pm


  1. Update on the ODA Campaign by ODA Committee Chair David Lepofsky

  2. Election Planning: How to Involve Yourself in the Election Process

Will Ontarians with disabilities be able to fully participate in and enjoy all aspects of life in Ontario? This is an important question which will be answered during the coming Ontario election.

In a 1995 letter to the Ontarians With Disabilities Act Committee, Premier Mike Harris wrote that "a Harris government would be willing to enact an Ontarians with Disabilities Act in the first term of office within the economic goalposts of The Common Sense Revolution". In November, 1998, the government introduced a 3 page bill that it called the "Ontarians With Disabilities Act". In the throne speech last week, the government responded to public outrage at this empty "ODA", saying it would withdraw that legislation and begin to consult Ontarians about a new Ontarians With Disabilities Act. The same government is widely expected to call a summer election in Ontario.

Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty and NDP leader Howard Hampton have both promised in writing that, once in office, they would promptly enact a strong and effective ODA. Each is on record as supporting detailed principles endorsed by the ODA Committee, a non-partisan coalition of individuals and groups dedicated to removing the barriers that face Ontarians with disabilities.

When candidates ask for your vote, be prepared to talk to them about this issue, and ask whether they are prepared to make a commitment to a barrier-free Ontario through a strong and effective Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Your vote now may determine whether you will be able to participate in all Ontario has to offer in the future. At Guelph ODA Forum II, ODA Committee Chair David Lepofsky will outline the path to a strong and effective ODA, including the records and positions of Ontario's political parties on this critical issue. It is critical that Ontarians with disabilities are fully involved in the coming election campaign and vote for candidates of their choice. Participants in Guelph ODA Forum II will work together to ensure access to voter registration, campaign information, meetings with candidates and the polls.

If you plan to attend Guelph ODA Forum II and for further information contact:

  • Betty Richard at (519) 837 5625 (phone),
    (519) 837-5648 (fax) or (519) 826-9771 (TTY) or
  • Janet Wood at


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