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Caroline Di Cocco, Liberal M.P.P. for Sarnia-Lambton is hosting
an open forum meeting on Friday November 10, 2000 to listen to
the public's suggestions regarding the Ontarians with
Disabilities Act and the barriers that prevent full integration
into society for persons with disabilities. Bring your concerns
to your Member of Provincial Parliament so that she can take them
to the Legislature. "Your voice can be heard and your concerns
are important to me", says Caroline Di Cocco.

The meeting will be held at the Bayside Mall in the vacant store
next to Collins "The Wedding People" from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.
The meeting is open to everyone and you are encouraged to attend.

For more details contact:
Shauna Carr, C.A.


November 6, 2000

Honourable Helen Johns 388 Main St South
Minister P.O. Box 520
400 University Ave Exeter, Ontario, NOM 1S6 6th
Toronto, Ontario 904 Queen St
M7A 2R9 Kincardine, Ontario, N2Z 2Y2

Dear Minister,

I am holding a public forum on Friday November 10, 2000 for Ontario
Disabilities Action Week.

The reason for this open forum is so that members of my community
can have their concerns heard by their government about the Ontario
Disabilities Act and how disabled persons can become fully and
completely integrated into society.

Minister I am inviting you to attend this public forum so that you
too may understand the pressures and constraints these individuals
and their families live with everyday.

Please contact my office for further details should you wish to


Caroline Di Cocco, M.P.P.

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